Energy saving road lighting Tianjin

Location: Tianjin/China
Products: , Digital power switches ZRM U6M

When new road lighting was installed at Century Avenue in the Tianjin Grand Harbor area, key criteria for the project were energy efficiency and the ongoing cost of ownership. In order to address these issues, the Tianjin Grand Harbor Power Supply Bureau selected Tridonic’s ZRM U6M digital power switches to control the 122 sets of road lighting.

Lighting of Century Avenue was one of the key elements in the ongoing development of Tianjin City. Consequently, it was important that the high pressure sodium lighting should enhance the visual appearance of the area – and that this should be achieved with optimum energy consumption and with minimum installation and maintenance costs.

The ZRM U6M units are simple but effective power switches specially designed for use with high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. A major benefit of the power switches is that they are able to provide automatic switching of the lamps without the need for any control lines.

They operate by automatically calculating when notional midnight occurs, based on the switch-on time in the evening and the switch-off time in the morning. Three hours before midnight the ZRM U6M switches to a lower lighting level and then, four hours after midnight, switches the system back to 100 % light output.

In this way, sufficient lighting is ensured for users of Century Avenue without over lighting the area and wasting energy. This procedure also extends the life of the lamps so that re-lamping schedules can be extended. Furthermore, as there are no complicated controls or control lines, installation and commissioning was greatly simplified.

The ZRM U6M is suitable for use with high pressure sodium (SON) lamps in wattages from 35 – 400 W and high pressure mercury lamps in wattages from 50 – 400 W. The road lighting fixtures were supplied by Tian Jin Redstar Lighting Company.

In deploying Tridonic’s ZRM U6M power switches, the Tianjin Grand Harbor Power Supply Bureau has provided a highly effective and aesthetically pleasing lighting installation while minimising its cost of ownership and reducing carbon emissions.

Project data
Owner: Tianjin City
Lighting fixture: Tianjin Redstar Lighting Company
Used equipment: ZRM U6M