PPMG Headquarters

Location: Nanjing City/China
Products: , PCA T5 EXCEL one4all, winDIM@net

The new headquarters of publishing company PPMG in Nanjing City are brought to life at night using specially designed facade lighting, controlled through Tridonic’s winDIM@net system.

Phoenix Publishing & Media Group (PPMG) is one of China’s most influential large-scale publishing and media groups. The company’s new headquarters, comprising two 26 storey office blocks, are not only the biggest office development in Nanjing to date, they also incorporate the largest outdoor installation of the winDIM@net system in China. The facades of the buildings are lit by a total of 2,520 Thorn luminaires, using a range of different coloured T5 linear fluorescent lamps and 5,040 28 W DALI-ballasts.

Through the winDIM@net system the lamps are operated in a colour changing sequence to spell out Chinese characters in blue white and yellow. Through the winDIM@net system, PPMG has central control of the lighting with options for on/off switching, dimming and scene setting. The system also provides monitoring of individual luminaires, feeding back information on energy performance and lamp errors.

Tridonic's winDIM@net software is based on two very unique languages: DALI, the digital addressable lighting interface and TCP/IP, the language of the Internet. The winDIM@net software package is a revolutionary approach to the operation and management of lighting utilising software rather than hardware to limit its functionality. The winDIM@net software is designed to be installed on the client’s existing building Ethernet network, either installed onto the main server or a dedicated PC designated as the “lighting server”.

The entire project demonstrates the power of Tridonic’s winDIM@net system and has created a major visual landmark in Nanjing City, which reinforces the importance of PPMG. Installing winDIM@net on the company’s Ethernet also enhances the company’s overall control of its lighting systems, so that any future re-configuration of the exterior lighting will be quick, simple and inexpensive.

Project data
Owner: Nanjing Phoenix Publishing & Media Group (PPMG)
Architect: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Lighting design: Nanjing New Sky Lighting Company
Lighting fixture: Thorn Guangzhou
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment:  PCA T5 EXCEL one4all,