Allied Irish Banks

Location: Ireland
Products: , TALEXXstrip P105, P106, P107, P108, TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXX lens O211 with diffusion lens, TALEXXprofile Z201, TALEXXcover Z220

Tridonic’s expertise in creating white light of exceptional quality is a major factor in the success of its TALEXXeos and TALEXXstrip LED modules. The glass-encased stairwells at the new headquarters of Allied Irish Banks have been given a second skin of LED light.

To emphasise the architectural elements the lighting design, Lighting Design Concept Consultants Pritchard Themis devised an ingenious lighting scheme for the building complex, giving particular consideration to the central space with its powerful, monolithic stairwells. Installation and commissioning work was carried out by Delap & Waller. Particular attention was paid to the glazed towers that hold the main stairs, lift and toilet installations in each of the six storeys. These structures each stands half within the atrium space proper and half projecting onto the floor plate of each level, which means they can be seen from all parts of the development. It was therefore important to find a solution that would enhance their corporate mass and one that would be homogenous across the whole surface. Peter Pritchard of Pritchard Themis, decided to lay a grid of white LED sources across the face of the panels.

To achieve the desired effect the LEDs had to offer outstanding white light quality. They had to have very narrow tolerances in terms of colour temperature and luminous flux. And of course the investment costs had to be within budget. “At the time the deci-sions were being made Tridonic had recently launched the TALEXXeos P211-2 LED modules,” said Peter Pritchard. “They had the necessary characteristics and were an economically sensible solution for producing pure white light.”

Jewels in the crown

The two towers are now illuminated with high-quality LED light in absolute synchronism. Gently pulsating light from eos P211-2 units with 40° TALEXX lens O211-2 lenses emphasise the distinct volume of each tower. The pulsating effect simulates the wave shape of the arterial blood pressure of a human heart at different bpm rates. A DMX-512 system is used to perform the complex control functions. “The grid of TALEXXeos P211-2 LED modules has given us exactly what we were after; emblazoning the towers with a second skin of light that really highlights the curve of the cladding and immediately animates the cores with a unique energy. The towers seem to communicate with each other across the atrium space” said Peter Pritchard.

The handrails in the stairwells provide additional effects. The sweep of the handrails is emphasised by TALEXXstrip P105, P106, P107 and P108 modules in neutral white. These modules, which are only 9.5 mm wide and come in different lengths with twelve light points per 100 mm, follow the contours precisely. The TALEXXstrip modules are integrated in the handrails on TALEXXprofile Z201 profiles with white plastic TALEXXcover Z220 covers. The high-power LEDs in COB technology (chip-on-board) produce bright white lines of light with a colour temperature of 4,200 K.

Visual fascination

The combination of these lines and the pulsating skin of TALEXXeos P211-2 units exerts a fascinating attraction. The five stairwells look like shining jewellery boxes, providing an eye-catching addition to the building complex.

The towers are illuminated with a total of 2,300 project-specific miniature LED luminaires. These contain 37,350 high-power LEDs in neutral white, as in the handrails, distributed among 1,729 modules. TALEXXeos P211-2 and TALEXXstrip P105, P106, P107 and P108 from Tridonic therefore demonstrate their excellent suitability for application-specific solutions.

Tridonic’s white light expertise has ensured that the lighting project for the AIB headquarters is, in the words of Peter Barry (Emcon), “really cool, sexy, innovative and unique”.

Project data
Planner: Peter Pritchard
Lighting control: Emcon
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: TALEXXstrip P105, P106, P107, P108,
TALEXXeos P211-2,
TALEXX lens O211 with diffusion lens,
TALEXXprofile Z201,
TALEXXcover Z220