Ricoh Arena

Location: Coventry/England
Products: , EC 18 LC502K, OMBIS 150 PB 503W, OGLI 2000 W 180, PC PRO T8

The Ricoh Arena is a major venue for sporting events and music festivals. It has a vast array of lighting equipment for a wide variety of functions and requirements, all perfectly operated by Tridonic control gear.

The Ricoh Arena is not only home to Coventry City Football Club, there are concerts and other events as well. It also hosts an exhibition hall, a bistro, the Arena fitness club, a hotel and a car-park. The stadium, which has already won several awards for its architecture, is a showcase for taskspecific environment-friendly lighting based on the know-how of Thorn Lighting and Tridonic.

The lighting not only ensures a brilliant view of the stadium from one end to the other and from side to side but also creates a mood of enjoyment, which is such an important aspect. This makes it one of the most attractive stadiums in the UK, with space for 32,000 fans. 120 “Mundial” floodlights each fitted with a 2 kW metal halide lamp and OGLI 2000 W 180 magnetic ballasts from Tridonic are mounted along the rim of the oval “bowl-like” roof, which means that there is no need for additional masts. This system, which meets all UEFA specifications, produces an average horizontal illuminance of 1,200 lux and excellent uniformity of 0.8, with no shadow areas. The precise alignment of the floodlights and the superb design of the reflectors reduce scattered light to a minimum – ideal for a wide range of sporting events and music festivals.

For the safety of spectators there are a further 1,000 emergency luminaires „Aquaproof“, sealed to IP 65 protection and fitted with T8 fluorescent lamps, emergency controllers and PC PRO T8 control gear from Tridonic. These luminaires are installed mainly outside on the underside of the roof and also in the hall, in the stairways and along the escape routes. Energy-efficient indoor luminaires are positioned carefully so that the walkways and traffic zones are continually lit.

Downlights for a bright ambiente

Chalice downlights, each fitted with two 26 W TC-D compact fluorescent lamps and EC 18 LC502K control gear, provide general lighting. In combination with direct and indirect light from Qba wallwashers with their 150 W metal halide lamp lamps and OMBIS 150 PB 503W magnetic ballast, they create some interesting visual effects. Also noteworthy are the 100 metres of cold cathode tubes from Kemps Neon Ltd., producing light with a colour temperature of 4,000 K. These tubes are installed at the two main stairways on the ground floor and in the luminaires on the first floor. A perfect mix of functional lighting and great looks.

The hotel concept of the stadium is unique in that the bedrooms can be converted into stylish hospitality suites whenever an event is being staged at the stadium. The brilliant atmosphere is created by a combination of energy-efficient Chalice downlights each equipped with two 26 W TC-D compact fluorescent lamps and EC 18 LC502K control gear and hundreds of low-voltage halogen downlights. All in all, the Ricoh Arena is perfectly equipped for its various functions. Control gear from Tridonic adds total reliability to the blend.

Project data
Owner: Coventry City Football Club
Architects: The Miller Partnership, Glasgow
Lighting: Thorn Lighting
Project finalised: 2005
Used equipment: EC 18 LC502K,
OMBIS 150 PB 503W,
OGLI 2000 W 180,