Location: Belgium
Products: , TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB

An unusual room atmosphere with powerful coloured lighting is guaranteed to attract attention. Chained TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB strip modules are the ideal choice here.

According to the Belgian interior designer Kurt Wallaeys, light is a “charming weapon” in the hands of a designer. The right choice of different light sources combined with innovative lighting technology provide the basis for expressive architectural mood lighting. The light and shadow effect can be used as a creative tool to emphasise objects that would not otherwise be perceived and to highlight contours or edges. Light breathes life into different surfaces, materials and textures. With the knowledge that light offers a whole range of dramatic options, Kurt Wallaeys set about designing the interior of a company in Waregem in the province of West Flanders.

Various lighting scenarios can be selected to create different atmospheres depending on the requirements and the mood and all the rooms can be bathed in the same colour or each room can take on a different colour for surprise effect. A neutral appearance with white light can be selected as well. The lighting is controlled and monitored by an innovative building services system together with touch screens located throughout the building.

A colourful world

Even though colour dominates the lighting moods, Kurt Wallaeys worked on the principle of “less is more – more is less”. Only narrow 9.5 mm chained TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB 24 V LED strip modules from Tridonic were therefore used after consultation with Tronixx Belgium, Tridonic’s local distributor. Each of the 140 TALEXX chains consists of five strip modules with eight RGB light points each. These are controlled via a DMX-512 system to achieve the full coloured lighting effect.

TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB units were chosen for their saturated colours, high quality, guarantee and outstanding ability to emphasise organic and round contours. In this building, emotive and at the same time efficient light is the symbiosis of lighting expertise, philosophy and light sources in the shape of TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB LED strip modules that are perfectly matched to the specific task. Coloured lighting enables the same room to be perceived differently.

Interior designer Kurt Wallaeys has used light as a tool to give each room its own magic. TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB 24 V LED strip modules from Tridonic provide the ideal platform for powerful and effective coloured lighting.

Project data
Interior designer: Kurt Wallaeys
Lighting: Tronixx Belgium
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB (140 pieces)