Transit areas and Parking


Schallberg tunnel

Location: A9 Simplon Pass/Switzerland
Following its general renovation the 500 m long Schallberg tunnel can be seen in a new light. The luminaires were developed by the Swiss tunnel lighting specialists Rigamonti and equipped with LED components from Tridonic. The result is high-performance lighting system that offers a high level of visual comfort and has a positive effect on the sense of safety among vehicle drivers. more...

Wenxing Tunnel

Location: Xiamen/China
The 5.4 km Wenxing Road Tunnel in Xiamen, Fujian Province is using a sophisticated lighting management strategy using Tridonic PCA ECO one4all digital dimming ballasts linked to a Tridonic DSI system.  more...

Baghdad airport

Location: Baghdad/Iraq
Baghdad International Airport has used a bespoke Tridonic LED solution to greatly reduce its lighting energy consumption and maintenance costs.  more...

St. Exupéry airport

Location: Lyon/France
Products: LED modules, LNU dimmers
New signage improves navigation through Lyon St. Exupéry airport. LED modules and LNU dimmers from Tridonic ensure optimum readability of the signage in all areas of the buildings at all times of day and night. more...

Emirates Business Class Lounge

Location: Dubai/UAE
Known for its homogeneous lighting distribution, flexibility, easy installation, and long lifetime, TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT proved to be the solution for the new Business Class Lounge of Emirates in Dubai. more...

Street lighting La Roda

Location: La Roda/Spain
Products: PCS / PCIS outdoor DIM B011
The town of La Roda in central Spain, population 16,000, wanted a state of the art solution to reduce the energy consumption of its street lighting. The requirements consisted of the original lamp posts to be retained and a lighting management system that was not cost-intensive. more...

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Location: Abu Dhabi/UAE
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC
Refurbishment of lighting at Abu Dhabi International Airport has included extensive use of Tridonic TALEXXchain LED fixtures for cove lighting, reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon emissions. more...

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Location: Shanghai/China
Products: LED Drivers, TALEXXchain P511
Tridonic has supplied an extensive range of TALEXX LEDs for use in signage at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Terminal 2, combining excellent colour temperature and light distribution uniformity with low cost of ownership. more...

Helix Bridge

Location: Singapore
Products: TALEXXconverter K220, TALEXXengine, TALEXXchain STANDARD
LED lighting from Tridonic is helping to enhance the visual impact of the Helix Bridge. Previously known as the “Double Helix Bridge”, the Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Centre with Marina South, linking cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities in the area and complementing the overall pedestrian scheme of the Marina Bay. more...


Location: Berlin/Germany
Products: OMBIS 70, ZRM 2.5-ES/C
Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin is famous way beyond the city boundaries. One of the characteristic features is the set of 215 street lights designed by Richard Paulick in the 1950s. And they are equipped with state-of-the-art Tridonic components for maximum energy efficiency. more...

Sparkasse Mainfranken

Location: Würzburg/Germany
For the underground car park at its headquarters, Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg wanted a modern lighting system that combined maximum energy efficiency with high levels of reliability and safety. They opted for electronic control equipment from Tridonic mainly because of its integrated corridorFUNCTION. more...

Western Bypass for Zurich

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: TALEXXstrip
The Western Bypass for Zurich with its large number of special structures places enormous demands on the lighting and safety systems. In the tunnels Tridonic components demonstrate their excellent qualities day after day in operating the various light sources. more...

Terminal 3 at Beijing airport

Location: Beijing/China
Products: PCA T5 EXCEL one4all, TE 0105 one4all, x-touchPANEL
Lighting to complement the extraordinary architecture of Beijing Airport’s Terminal 3 is being controlled by a selection of products from Tridonic. more...

Street lighting Rednitzhembach

Location: Rednitzhembach/Germany
Products: ZRM
Environmental protection, the need for budgetary control and the desire to install state-of-the-art technology were the motives behind the decision by the South German community of Rednitzhembach to modernise their street lighting. With the aid of innovative lighting technology from Tridonic the town installed a new lighting concept that is virtually unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. more...

Heathrow's Terminal 5

Location: London/United Kingdom
Products: PCA EXCEL one4all lp, EM PRO
The lighting system designed by Andromeda Telematics for the new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport is the world’s largest controlled lighting control system. 120,000 light fittings with DALI ballasts combined with 2,600 motion sensors provide energy-saving lighting. And the emergency lighting system has also broken records. It is the world’s largest single DALI emergency lighting control system. more...

Energy saving road lighting Tianjin

Location: Tianjin/China
Products: Digital power switches ZRM U6M
When new road lighting was installed at Century Avenue in the Tianjin Grand Harbor area, key criteria for the project were energy efficiency and the ongoing cost of ownership. In order to address these issues, the Tianjin Grand Harbor Power Supply Bureau selected Tridonic’s ZRM U6M digital power switches to control the 122 sets of road lighting. more...

Snow chain fitting facility

Location: St. Christophen/Austria
Products: OMBS, ZRM
Truckers can now fit snow chains to their vehicles quickly and reliably on the A1 West-Autobahn in Lower Austria. Asfinag, the Austrian motorway financing company, has now set up a 1 km snow chain fitting facility for trucks at St. Christophen in the direction of Vienna. more...

Port 2000

Location: Le Havre/France
Products: OGLIS 1000
The Port 2000 investment programme has turned Le Havre into the fifth largest port in Northern Europe. OGLIS 1000 ballasts ensure that light is available on the container gantries for loading and unloading the ships at all times of day and night. more...