Health, Sport and Leisure


ZERO NERO fitness club

Location: Anzano Del Parco – Como/Italy
Products: SLE LED modules, LED flexible, LED Drivers
The ZERO NERO fitness club in Como, northern Italy, offers its guests a pleasant atmosphere with the right lighting scenes for all rooms. The operator benefits from flexible lighting management options via the cloud with connecDIM from Tridonic. more...

Triemli hospital

Location: Zurich/Switzerland
Products: TALEXXengine LLE, TALEXXdriver LCAI, DALI-RM
When the new ward block at Triemli hospital in Zurich is in full operation in 2015, 600 Sanapro luminaires equipped with LED modules and LED drivers from Tridonic will be used to illuminate the patient rooms.  more...

Health-care centre Glarus Süd

Location: Linthal/Switzerland
Products: SMART Plug cF
With a variety of memory plugs – called SMART Plugs – Tridonic shows how easy it can be to configure a lighting system. By inserting the plugs into the new generation of dimmable PCA ballasts, pre-defined settings can be transferred quickly and easily.  more...

Manta Rhei – kinetic luminaire

Location: International
By combining cutting-edge OLED technology, electronics and control systems, luminaire manufacturer Selux and the ART+COM design studio have ushered in a new era in professional lighting. The result of the first study on kinetic luminaires is presented as “Manta Rhei” – a delicate OLED-based luminaire silently floating in space while continuously changing its appearance. more...

National stadium Warsaw

Location: Warsaw/Poland
Products: LED Drivers
All over Warsaw’s new national stadium, handrail structures incorporating LED illumination provide orientation and safety to visitors. When it comes to the lighting solution installed, NARVA Polska relies on Tridonic’s LED expertise.  more...

Resorts World Sentosa

Location: Singapore
Products: TALEXXchain P510, TALEXXchain P511, TALEXXconverter K240
One of the first things that visitors to the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in Singapore see as they arrive is welcome signage illuminated by Tridonic TALEXX LED lighting. Nor is this the last time they will encounter TALEXX lighting as these versatile LED chains have been used extensively throughout the resort. more...

Ricoh Arena

Location: Coventry/England
Products: EC 18 LC502K, OMBIS 150 PB 503W, OGLI 2000 W 180, PC PRO T8
The Ricoh Arena is a major venue for sporting events and music festivals. It has a vast array of lighting equipment for a wide variety of functions and requirements, all perfectly operated by Tridonic control gear. more...


Location: Belgium
Products: TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB
An unusual room atmosphere with powerful coloured lighting is guaranteed to attract attention. Chained TALEXXstrip D512-2 RGB strip modules are the ideal choice here. more...

Cardiac Centre of Bad Krozingen

Location: Bad Krozingen/Germany
Products: TALEXXeos P211-2, TALEXXcontrol C350
The glazed walls facing the courtyard at the “Helmut-Roskamm-Haus” in the Cardiac Centre of Bad Krozingen provide accent colours and create a feel-good atmosphere. Installed behind the walls are high-intensity TALEXXeos P211-2 LEDs in red, green, blue and white. RGBW colour mixing is used to bathe the room in ever-changing hues. more...

St. Mary's hospital

Location: Portsmouth/England
Products: EM PRO, software EM winPRO, proDIM BC9000
Emergency lighting systems are essential in many public buildings. It is also essential that they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are always ready for use. Individually addressable EM PRO emergency lighting units greatly simplify the process thanks to their application-oriented features. more...