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New reference projects

International Tridonic references

Our components are part of numerous projects all around the world, from small applications to big projects of renowned companies. This page shows you a collection of our latest projects.
Havenhuis Antwerp
Location: Antwerp/Belgium
Products: Modules LLE ADVANCED, Drivers LCAI ECO lp
Valiant bank
Location: Bern/Switzerland
Products: QLE PREMIUM Tunable White, DALI x/e-touchPANEL 02, DALI PS2
Schallberg tunnel
Location: A9 Simplon Pass/Switzerland
Products: Drivers PREMIUM outdoor, Modules LLE, RLE G1 EXC OTD
Culture centre “La Grande Passerelle”
Location: Saint-Malo/France
Products: LED Drivers LCI TOP lp, Modules LLE ADVANCED